On Taking Better Poops

Since my last post my poops have been getting better! I’ve gotten some feedback but I have been reflecting quite a bit on this blog which in turn has made me more disciplined with my pooping. One of the changes that has made the biggest difference in my poops is to go poop when the urge strikes! This isn’t always an easy thing to do. I work at least ten hours a day, weekly, and finding time to break from work can be tricky. Thankfully, most of my colleges are aware of my lengthy poops. But in the recent months, the key to my success has been pooping when I have to poop. It’s easier to relax and each poop session takes up less time. I looked more into this and I learned why this is so. Poop consists primarily of water and it absorbs water as it passes through the intestinal system. So when you hold your poop that means the poop you have to poop has made it through your intestinal system and isn’t moving anymore. The poop is no longer absorbing water and is in fact loosing moisture! This is why it’s nearly impossible to take a good poop when you’ve been holding it.

Being calm and relaxed also makes a difference when it comes to how much you’ll be feeding that toilet. Like I was saying, I work over forty hours a week and it can get pretty stressful during these holiday months. With so much to be done in a day, how the hell is anyone supposed to find time to EAT let alone take a POOP?! I suppose if one is starving themselves, they don’t need to worry so much about their poops (perhaps something I will look more into). But for the rest of us that eat regularly throughout the day, taking time to poop when the time comes is so important. Once you have disciplined yourself to go when it’s time to go, you will find it easier to relax and calm your nerves, ease your stress, enough to take a healthy poop. The benefits don’t stop there though! You’ll feel lighter, relieved and you won’t constantly be thinking “I gotta poo!”.


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